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Fiesta Zetec 3Dr 2012 White 1.25


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Hi I have recently got a new 12 plate Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 3dr and would like to make it look like the Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 I've been told they are the same car (like shape etc) just different add on's, is it possible to do this, what will I need to do and how much would it be likely to cost?

here is a picture of how I would like it to look once complete;


Any help appreciated

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Gonna cost a fair penny, the kit is quite expensive on it's own, the wheels without tyres are about £140 a piece I think too.

is it possible tho? and would 1000 cover it?

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Oh yeah it's completely possible, and not sure, I'd imagine the body parts wouldn't cost you all that, wheels too may be pushing it though. Honestly may be better going after-market, something similar to what they put on some random special edition I keep seeing driving instructors running round in. There is a company that makes the kit for American Fiesta's, not sure if they'll be cheaper or not, and depends if your car is 3 or 5 door?

http://3dcarbon.com/...l2=2&l3=8&l4=14 - 5 door styling kit, not 100% sure on the front piece, but at $720 dollars is probably similar to here once you pile on shipping, but is an option for the 5 door.

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£1,000 won't even cover the parts if brought brand new from ford. Also remember all parts need to be painted and fitted at extra cost.

Heres the prices i've found from Ford Online Parts:

Rear spoiler: £202

Rear diffuser: £225

Side Skirt Left hand side: £168

Side Skirt Right hand side: £168

Zetec S Grille : £70

Front Lower diffuser: £154

Totat: £987 + delivery

I am unable to find a price on the extended front bumper for the Zetec S bumper.

Then you need to add alloy wheels at £150 each. So thats another £600. Then you need 17" tyres at over £100 each.

Also you then need to tell your insurance company. So expect a massive rise in your insurance cost too. Need i carry on?

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I'll make a shopping list on the Ford parts catalogue when I get home and post it up here. Prepare for a shock though, when I made one for leather seats it came to over £8,000...

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Right for; front lower grille, extended front bumper, side skirts, rear spoiler, rear diffuser, rear bumper caps, alloy pedals & alloy wheels it comes to £1,655. And that's primed so you need to pay a bodyshop on top ;)

Oh, and add £400 for tyres too!

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