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Fuel Nozzle Size Detector


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Hi Everyone,

Just joined. Last week or the week before I was due to go to Cornwall from East Yorkshire and with the potential fuel strike bought a Black diesel container and filled it with 5 litres of diesel.

Well made it to Cornwall and back and didn’t have any need to panic buy and garages had a ready available supply. Tonight I thought I would decanter the fuel from the container into the tank . Some of you may be ahead of me here ! . As the car has fuel nozzle size detector and therefore the fuel filler (hinge ? ) wouldn’t open with the flexi nozzle of the fuel container ! Can this be over ridden or is my neighbour going to get some free diesel ! It also made me think If I ever needed to carry some on the odd occasion, how would I use it ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards 808

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most ford cars have a small adapter nozzle supplied which allows filling from a can, the nozzle fits into the filler spout and then you can pour in the fuel, look around in the boot to see if you have one

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