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Hi All

Has anybody got the same problem, that's is the electric fan always seems to run on our 2009 MK7 1.6tdci fiesta, even if the car has only been started and run for only a few minutes, if I move our car from cold off the drive into the road a distance of some 20ft, when the engine is switched off within seconds the engine fan starts and then runs for about 3 or 4 minutes.

I dont know if this a sensor or may be a software issue, but surely as the engine temperature hasn't even started to rise this cant be right, anybody got this problem or any ideas of what to check.

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You haven't said which engine you've got (90 or 95) but if it's the 95 with DPF it might be trying to regenerate, ie burn off the soot from the filter.

If it doesn't complete this each time you start the engine it will attempt it again. The fan runs during (and for up to 10mins after this) to dissipate the heat generated from this burning.

Might be worth going on a 20min drive northbound on the M1 (southbound you'll hit the 50mph roadworks) in 4th gear keeping the revs high to complete the regen.

I'm not a mechanic but that's my 2p ;)

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Thanks Nathan,

It's not got a DPF so must be the 90. Yes it is the 90 just checked.

thanks anyway

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