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after finding my mates leak he told a workmate so i had another foci at the house.

its been to ford but the leak remains elusive and she cant afford to keep putting it in.

water gathering on the drivers side boot floor.

windows were ok spoiler sealed by ford they did the boot hinges also so the search began and 3 leaks were found

1. the boot hinges were sealed but they missed the top of them so sealed these with tiger seal allowed to dry and painted this with a touch up kit.

2.the rear lights the foam gets saturated and leaks i used tigerseal all round the foam edge so its completely covered.

3.the 2 bolts either side of the boot that hold the bumper on have the same fixings as the lights that leak. if you undo the bolt and using a flat screwdriver you can pull the edge of the bumper out far enough to seal the fixing its a drain channel so gets a fair amount of water

leaks fixed tested with a hose for 30mins and even with the atrocious rain alls dry

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