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Wilko's Frozen White S1600

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Thought as I'm doing a few bits to my car I would start a progress thread.

Bought my white S1600 end of Feb this year and I think its pretty awesome.

Mods so far include:

Front windows lightly tinted

Read windows tinted dark

Team Heko wind deflectors

DMB badges

Vinyl wrapped wing mirrors

LED side lights

Osram Nightbreaker+ dipped beams

Silverteck indicators

K&N Panel filter

Flyeyed headlights and fogs

Mods for the future:

Lowered on coilovers

spray plastics gloss black

vinyl lower grill bumper


Black vinyl roof

Possibly change wheels but not 100% on this.


Mountune spoiler Extensions

Possibly white eyebrows

So here it is as it came from the garage...


So my first mod were the Hekos...


Then the DMBs. I did buy white with black writing but i didnt think it looked very good so changed them for back with white writing.


Then the window tints, mirrors and sunstrip



Silverteck bulbs. Think these make the lights look so much better than the nasty orange bulbs


Thought I'd try a bit of flyeye on the front headlights and fogs



Then the most recent thing i have done is change the bulbs from standard to SMD LED side lights and Osram Nightbreaker+ dipped beams..

Here is how they are as standard:


(i dont know why but this picture reminds me of a cats face with its ears back.... maybe its just me)

New sidelights:


Sidelights and dipped:


Cant decide on the next thing i want to do. Either...

Roof vinyled, splitter or just save the money and save up for coilovers.... what you recon?

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Car looks ace, also noticed that you are considering the spoiler extensions, i have seen them in the flesh and the do look really good, I'm saving up for some now.

also where did you get the SMD LED sidelight bulbs from? also are those osram night breakers really producing as white a light as they look in the pictures? if so i may be backing the wrong bulbs! lol

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Cheers dude. Yer the spoiler extensions are nice, shame about the price!

This is what you want for the side lights, also used for the number plate bulbs but I have'nt got round to changing them yet.


Yer the osrams are really white, think the LEDs help a lot are they give it that little bit extra.

What bulbs are you using at the moment?

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I'm currently using some Ultra Powerbulbs, they do give a much brighter whiter light but isn't really comparable to yours in the photo, may be doing a swap haha.

thanks for the link to the sidelight bulbs :)

Yer the spoiler extensions are pricy, I'm waiting for someone to start eBaying them

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Some pics I took of my car after getting the roof done, Enjoy :)



Nice pic of the speedo..


And here is a Nissan GTR that was wrapped orange. Looks so cool, i really want my car wrapped, maybe green or orange.... hmmm



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How much did your roof and wing mirror wrap cost if you don't mind me asking? I'm looking at get the same thing done to mine

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Can the roof vinyl be easily removed if you decide to take it away?

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Could you share the location of this valet magic lol

As I really want to get my roof done :-)


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Tato - yep it can just be peeled off like any other vinyl on a car, apply a bit of heat and shouldnt be a problem.

Puck - yer will get some later today. I went through a multi-storey car park earlier and the looked awesome in the lower light.

Bassett - link to their site is below mate. They dont have their address on there but it is at Watchmoor business park in camberley, surrey. If you give them a call let them know that Chros with the white fiesta reccomended them to you.


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