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1.6 Zetec S Head Gasket, 51-Reg

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Hey Guys and Girls,

FOC n00b here, looking for some advice from you lot ;).

The Sister in-laws partner has found him self a 51-plate 1.6 Zetec S with a suspect HG gone for an absolute steal on the obligatory auction site. Should be picking it up Monday and wants me to do the HG for him. Now I've done HGs all sorts from 900cc Cinquecentos to 16l trucks but one I haven't had the pleasure of touching is the Zetec.

is there anything I should know about timing them or is it all a pretty straight forward, run of the mill, HG job?

As I understand it the head tightening torques are:-

St.1:- 15Nm

St.2:- 30Nm

St.3:- 90°

but I have heard differing opinions on bolt replacement. Experience says 'Replace', various forums say 'Replace', Autodata says 'Renew Bolts: No'... what say you guys?

also just to clarify head tighening sequence is:-

8 6 1 3 9

10 4 2 5 7

as you look at the engine from the front of the car (i.e. timing belt to the left, G/Box to the right) is this correct?

Timing belt, Tensioner and WP will all be replaced along with aux drive belt, a coolant flush and engine service.

One thing he did mention to me about when HGs fail is that, rumour has it, the bottom end can go as a result on the Zetec. This is something I've never heard of especially not on a ford but figured it may be worth mentioning just to get some feedback. The only way I can see a bottom end going after HG replacement is if something large enough to get into an oil gallery finds its way into the crank feed!

a couple more things before I go...

  1. Whats the difference between the L1V and L1T engine designations mentioned in Autodata?
  2. Does the Fiesta have a 'service light' & if so can i reset it by shorting pin7 to gnd on the Diag port or will i need to get it to Ford and back hand someone a tenner?

If you've got this far, well done! sorry for the long first post ;)

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