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Would You Change To A Focus Zetec S If You Could?


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Hi all

As the title says really, Im looking at buying a 2009 focus Zetec s in exchange for my 2009 fiesta Zetec s. it's a nice clean car in moondust silver, 23000 in the clock. Seems to rattle less than the fiesta. Ive driven it and it is nice, feels more refined than the fiesta. I would be keeping it for 5 years on finance. Problem is I dunno what to do. I know that sounds daft. So back to my original question would you change if you could?

Any comments wrlcome



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Hi Adrian,

TBH , I went the other way and swapped my Focus Zetec S for a Fiesta Metal and i aint looked back.

The Focus is a nice car but personally i think the Fiesta is more fun to drive.

Depending on what size engine you go for in a Focus plus the extra weight, you`ll find you will use more fuel, higher road tax and insurance ?.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours but do your homework on the focus and go for a few test drives maybe.

Hope this helps


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I didn't do it. I couldn't do it. I drove the focus and it was nice, but I think my fiesta is better to drive to. The focus is refined but I think that's why I like my fiesta more. It's a bit more raw and more zingy if that makes sense. It's shown me what a good job for has done with the new fiesta.

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