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Temp Guage Oddness


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Hey all :)

Seeing as we have been blessed with such lovely weather I have been using my car heater a bit in the mornings and on the way home, whenever I used the heating the temp needle starts droping aprrox to 75 oc, 80, 85 sometimes roughly.

This seems odd and has never happened on any other car car.

It doesnt always do it but I was wondering what I should do or likely causes ?

Is there some kind of coolant temp sensor that could be knackering or the thermostat or something else on this engine ?

1.8 ghia petrol 2004

No issues with the temp needle when the heating is not touched. If I stop using the temp needle it sorts itself out and sits bang in the middle.


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the heater is drawing heat away from the engine add that to the cool air running through the rad the temp drops and the thermostat closes


this happens with my focus all of the time and ever since i bought it.

the temp gauge drops when i put the heater on full heat with the A/C off

i sometimes use it to cool the engine after a long journey.

10 minutes before i reach my destination i drop the front windows and stick the heater on full heat at level 4

and the blower set to face&feet to help cool the engine before i stop it and park.

its the next best thing to having a turbo timer fitted to the car IMO lol

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the temp gauge is just a guide when a lot of cars hit 80degrees the gauge shows 90 my ti vct never sits in the middle ever its just a trait of that engine

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