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Coolant Leak


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Hi guys and gals, i have an 07 fiesta 1.2, i have noticed a coolant leak under the car but cant pinpoint where its coming from without taking the gubbins off the engine.

the water is only a small drip and it drips from the bolts right under where the oil filter is, its running there from its source, can any one say what is above that area that might leak?


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Having a similar drama with my T reg Mk 4, it dumped the coolant contents on the M4 & gave me the red temp gauge. The RAC diagnosed a leak from above the oil filter but couldnt nail it down because of the closet- like access in the engine bay. They put some leak stopper in the system and it sealed it. This got me to work & back which is a 100 mile round trip. Now trying to do a proper diagnosis but just got a slight dribble to track & cant isolate it. Could be a core plug but dont know where or if these engines have them. Might just speculate & change the water pump cos its up round that area. Could just thrash the !Removed! off the car & see if it pi55es out again. Water pump change is favourite cos it will give me an excuse to do the timming belt. How long will the temp repair last? K Seal any good (dont laugh)? Any other suggestions are most welcome.

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