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Replacement Parking Sensors/holders


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Hi all,

Having replaced the diffuser on my 10 plate Fiesta Titanium, sprayed to match the car colour, Metallic Panther Black and looking absolutely gorgeous (will post pics up a little later) , I’ve found the two central factory fitted parking sensors do not fit properly as the sensor holders were sloped and contoured to the old diffuser!

I’ve talked to my local ford dealer who says Ford don’t supply them yet in the Ford accessory brochure they state the Sports diffuser can be used in combination with parking sensors! All they could suggest the X-Vision complete new system despite telling them I have the Ford factory fitted systems!

Does anyone know where I can get either new sensor holders or complete sensors for the middle section of the diffuser/bumper or any ideas how to get around this?

Thanks in hope & anticipation

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Of course they should be able to supply them! I have a ZS with rear parking sensors as part of the City Pack, 2 of the sensors are fitted in the rear diffuser.

This sounds like more Ford nonsense where they don't supply small component parts that consumers may actually want separately. Similar to the refusal to supply the side skirt end caps unless you buy the whole side skirt. Thankfully they have now seen sense & supply the end caps separately.

Have you tried another dealer?

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