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Usb Not Reading All Files


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I've seen a few topics regarding usb issues, but not been able to find one on this, so I'm hoping someone may be able to help.

I have a 2012 61 plate Fiesta Edge. Plug in my usb stick and the radio only seems to be able to read a certain number of files\folders. I'm well within the limits according to the manual, around 1400 mp3's and folder structure of \artist\album\song.

When scrolling down the artist list it gets so far down the alphabet, and stops. Where depends on how much is on the usb.

Car was in to local Ford and they said that I have a lower spec radio and therefore this is correct. Usb was tested on another Fiesta with different radio and it read it all OK. They tried it on a similar one to mine and it had the same problem. No firmware update available either.

I'm trying to find out if 1) This is correct and manual is not true for all radios 2) What are the limits

Really appreciate any feedback

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In my opinion if it has usb installed and can read mp3's then why is there a problem

My tip for this is to ensure it is formatted to Fat32 and that they are indeed Properly Converted MP3's not MPEG 4 or MP4

I had this problem myself


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