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1.6Tdci 110 Engine Major Problems Overfueling


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afternoon all,

First post and really of a technical nature.

I have a 2005 ford focus 1.6tdci 110 PSV engine which at the moment is running massivley over fueling and creating dieel knock. the white vapor from the exhaust is like something you have never seen and beed diesel does burn the eyes a tad.

I replaced the cambelt on this and then went about replacing the copper seals on the injectors as one was and has been casusing blow by for some time. Number 3 took about 4 hours to get out and got hammered in the process.

Recut the injector seats and then re inserted injectors. finally got it started and this is when it started overfueling and knocking. one of the injectors was 100% shagged as leakback test and disconnecting power source indicated (was only running on 3)

Anyway ordered up a set of 4 known good and tested injectors and fitted. the car is exactly the same for over fueling but running smooth onn 4. no power and no spooling but idling nice apart from the smoke and diesel knock.

I have removed the cambelt 4 times to double and tripple check. crank, cam and pump all in correct positions (12 o clock, 10 o clock and 4 o clock) all locked and fine. no error codes at all. all pipes on and correctly. all sensors ok etc etc.

Can any one help shed any light on this please? Thanks

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Once they have been removed, by whatever method possible, the injector seat is often in a condition that makes it almost impossible to successfully seat the injector, and there can be a high risk of ‘blow-by’ occurring as a result. ( ‘blow-by’ is the leaking of combustion gases from the cylinder, via the injector seat, and can lead to various poor running and starting symptoms, excessive smoke, tar build-up, noise and loss of compression ) found the above is it possible that the injectors arent seated correctly?

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Hi. The injectors were re seated correctly and I am not experiencing any blow by. This is not the fault but thanks.

I believe these injectors are not coded to the ecu on this engine as such my ford diagnostics will not allow me to code (greyed out)


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