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Speedometer Change


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hi all of you!i have an ford focus 2006 bought from italy,now i live in uk,then i decide to register the car here,so i search on DVLA site to follow the steps.i've change the front headlights,the rear fog light and i make M.O.T. to the car in here.but i have another step to continue with registration,is to change the speedometer from km to uk standard miles.this is very difficult step to be done.i've been to the ford dealer and they told me they could change this but only if i put a new one.i've allready bought an used one wich i tried to put by my self,but the imobilser don't let me start the engine.what should i do?sorry for my writing.

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First of all welcome to the forum.

The speedo will need coding to the car, Ford could do that for you, but tend not to as they don't like fitting secondhand parts mainly because there is no money in it for you.

You could ask an independent garage to try coding it but they may not have the software needed.

There are members of this site producing software for coding and activating options on the Focus, have a search for ELM327 and programming and you may find something of use to you.

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