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Outstanding Field Service Actions


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I've just put my reg into ETIS and it says 7S125 - DPF REGENERATION STRATEGY in the Outstanding Field service Actions bit. I've had the car for nearly 2 years now and havent had a problem with it apart from I had to have the DPF fluid refilled around 75k miles, its a 2006 focus zetec 1.6 TDCI with 95k miles on it now.

Does anybody know what it means?


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I had a message in the Outstanding Field service Actions bit too regarding the battery discharging - like you I never had any issues.

When the car went in for a service, the guy on the service desk told me there was a minor recall for the battery discharging and the necessary work would be carried out. After that the message disappeared, so I can only assume there is a notice from Ford to carry out some work on it?

I wouldn't worry until you need to take it in for a service or whatever :)

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Sorry this is off the subject of the topic but this ETIS site. do you have to pay for it and does it show you everything regarding your car? Thanks. Again sorry of the topic.

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