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61 Plate Fiesta Econetic - Bad Smell Through Vents


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I've had my econetic from new since last september and over the last week or so a disgusting smell has started coming through all the vents. I think it smells like burning but a lot of people think it smells like TCP. It's bad to the point where it makes you not even want to drive the car, also, the windows don't seem to demist anymore either since its happened, dont know if it could be related? Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar, Ive rang Ford and waiting to book it in to be looked at.



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I sometimes get a faint fishy smell through my vents when the aircon is on, bacteria does build up in condensation in the vents and can be resolved by using a vent cleaning product.


Other cures-


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If I were you I'd get it booked in at your dealer cause something is clearly wrong. I bought mine second hand 2 years ago and when u got it it had a bad eggy smell whoever I used the washer fluid but I sorted that with some hot water and dettol. Is it every time you use it Or does something u use or do set it off?

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Thanks for the quick replies guys.

It is literally every time I use the car whether air con is on or not and seems to get worse the warmer the engine gets. I did think pollen filter or a/c but I'm starting to think it could be something more serious due to the strong burning smell, my dad who's an electrician also thinks it smells like burning electrics. Just annoying that I have to wait till after bank hol to take it in!

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