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Wing Mirror Part Theft


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Well walked to my car today and saw the wing mirror missing a bit. On closer inspection someone's had a right good go at it and then just taken the white plastic cover, leaving me with a mirror thats been pulled out of its socket on the door.

Wonderful way to start the Jubilee.

Pics :



Anyway - as my excess is £200 I'm guessing I should just pay for the repair myself - anyone know if that is repairable or I'll need a new one and if so where can I get a new one from ?


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Wing mirrors are dead easy to replace, a single nut inside the door (covered by rubber seal) hold them on.

Replacement can be picked up on eBay for £50 or less. If there's not one in your colour the cap is around £20-30.

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People who do things like that make me sick! More than likely sit around on their !Removed! all day, smoking weed, claiming benefits and being a menace to society...

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Just annoys me as it was the wing mirror on the pavement side as you can see in the photos - and there's no other damage to the car so its not like someone collided with it.

Oh well, thanks for the links, gonna see what I can do !


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