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Fuse Blown On 12V Cigar Lighter

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Hi all,

Well today my sat nav charger packed up and didnt realise until later in the day that it had actually blown the fuse for both of the 12v charger/cigar lighter socket ports. Reason I noticed was because I always have my ipod connected to the 12v socket in the centre storage console as it has a poor battery, I went to change a song and saw that the blue led on charger was not lit! I reckon because a piece of the broken sat nav charger fell into the socket and me trying to retrive it I must have disturbed it and blew the fuse!

Anyway I accessed the fuse box below the glove box to check fuses....nice and simple I hasten to add! The fuse for the 12v charger/cigar sockets is a 20 amp fuse, so I swapped this for another of the same rating to check. I went for the (20amp) fog light fuse and hey presto the fogs didnt work when I did the swap. I returned the fogs fuse to its normal position as didnt want to be without them and found another fuse with the same rating, this fuse was for the heated seats but actually I dont reckon I have this feature even though it is a titanium model. I still put the blown fuse into the heated seats socket and hopefully shouldnt cause an issu, will replace with a new one just in case! I even had fuses in there that according to the book are for the convertible model only!!

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You may like to consider an idea I had to change the fuses to LED ones that illuminate when the fuse blows to make it easier to spot the dead one.



Halfords also stock them.

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