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Climate Control Via Voice


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Hi, i recently bought a 2010 fiesta 1.25 zetec, the only issue i have found so far is that the climate control fails to react to voice commands , in fact the voice control seems not to recognise any commands with regards to tempretaure or fan speed or anything else to do with " climate " every other voice function is working perfectly , anyone had this and any solutions ?



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Is it actually supposed to be available on that Model?

It's an option on the Zetec, but standard on the Titanium and Metal.

Do you have a temperateude display in the centre of the console or just a A/C and Internal/External air switch?

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Climate control is not on the Zetec trim. You only have manual control (manual tempture and fan speed). Hence why the voice control wont respond to any climate commands.

To get ATC (auto climate control) you need either a Zetec S with the ATC option (£275) or a Titanium.

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