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Focus Wipers Are Kaput - Please Help!!


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I have a problem regarding the front and rear wipers on my MK1 Focus. This was noticed the other day during rain!

Front - When I spray the water jets they work fine but there is no wiping movement. On its own the intermittant setting doesn't work at all, yet the faster settings work fine.

Rear - When I spray the water jets they work fine but there is no wiping movement. The wiper does not work on its own either.

My local garage has tried swapping the Relay and problem does not go away, and also tried swapping the Switch with and the problem still exists.

The mechanic believes that both the front and rear motors may need to be replaced, however surely both have not packed up on the same day?

Does anybody have an idea of what else this could be?

Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like the GEM is the problem here, it controls the intermittent functions of the wipers and turning them on when the washers are used.

The rear wiper motor (I think) is always intermittent except when the washers are used so that should explain why the rear motor doesn't function at all. (it is always controlled by the GEM).

Well worth checking all the fuses first, the control circuit may rely on a different fuse to the wipers.

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Thanks for your replies. The mechanic tried a different wiper stalk, not the unit including the indicator stalk.

Regarding the wiper getting power, if the water is spraying does this mean the power is ok?

Just from googling GEM I believe these are in Focus's after 2001, mine is 2000 so has a CTM? I think the fuses are all ok, however having read this thread..http://www.rac.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?5547-Ford-Focus-electrical-misfire-problem..

I see there is correlation with the coil..interestingly I had a problem with power last week, and the diagnostic was a multiple misfire fault, therefore the coil was replaced.

Does this help anyone further?

Thanks again guys.

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Start by putting a voltmeter on the connector for the motor and have someone operate it. If your are getting 12v then your motor is dead more than likely. If not getting 12v then you will need to have a better look at the wiring etc

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To all, I had a quick play with the fuses and the relays yesteday evening before I got round to checking the power of the motor, as a number of other issues such as the rear screen heater not working and the lights on/door opening sound not operating made me think it was more of a CTM/GEM issue. By a stroke of luck, everything seems to be working now so i'll leave it at that, but its a good time to get rid of the car now I think. Thanks to you all for your help and advice.

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