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Cross Max

X Sport (203) Engine Malfunction / Transmition Failure

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Bought a 2010 Titanium X Sport Petrol last Saturday. Drove it home over 200 miles but Sunday around half way into a 5 mile journey it started jumping when accelerating from a roundabout! I have the Powershift Automatic gear box. It was as if it couldnt change to third from second. This generated a warning notice saying Engine Malfunction and then Transmition Fault or something like that. I pulled over and after turning the car off then on it drove fine although kept the warning displayed.

Aftergettibg the car home I did the self test which brought up no faults and cleared the error message!

3 days later and again accelerating gently around 2nd gear it did it again. Started kangarooing a bit so I pulled over, turned off the car then on again and drives fine. This time the fault warning cleared itself from my display.

Any advice or suggestions please?

I'm taking the car into Ford on Friday but wonder if I may have to try and give the car back to the dealer I bought it from! I'm guessing this may be the reason the previous owner got rid!

For info its the 203 bhp engine and has done 19000 miles. I bought it from an Independent garage not a Ford dealer. It had no service history which was annoying!

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Should be still under Ford warranty (assuming the warranty isn't invalidated through lack of service history). Get them to fix it.

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Dealers have diagnosed Alternator as the fault so having it changed on Monday. Fingers crossed that cures the problem!

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Sorry I never finsihed this thread off. Just to let you know the problem was indeed fixed by changing the alternator. No problems since :)

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