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Diy Service On A 06 Focus


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I have a Focus Titanium 1.6 (06 plate/ 49000 mls) and have discovered that it is well overdue for a full service and the break pads are a little on the low side. I have been quoted £230 for a full service and brake pad replacement (not Ford Dealer) which i can ill afford. I am considering doing both jobs myself with a little help from my father (who happens to be a mechanic although in his mid 60's). Has anyone out there performed any of these jobs before and if so is it a job for a novice although under supervision by my father.

First timer on forum.


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Hi Neil and welcome to the forum, break pad change is very easy to do, all you need is a 14" G clamp, a wire coat hanger, and a set of hex keys (10 - 12 mm if I remember right).

Simple description to complete:

1) loosen nuts, and jack the car - remove the wheel

2) look at the rear of the caliper, and undo the nuts

3) straighten your wire coat hanger, then bend it to an S shape, hook one end over the suspension coil

4) pop the bonnet, and take the cover off the brake fluid

5) put the G clamp over the calper and press the pads in together, then just pull the caliper off

6) hook the other end of your hanger into the caliper so that it dangles by the hanger, and does not apply ANY pressure or stretching to the brake line

7) replace pads and apply copper grease to the contact points of brake pads and caliper

8) reinstall caliper with new pads, and then install the rest in reverse order

as for the service, check the schedule, for the most part its review / replace the clutch / brake / oil / coolant fluids as necessary, most of which have a drain tap which can be found by looking in the haynes manual.

Replace the air filter, and fuel filter and then that is pretty much it!

I hope this is of some help to you, and if you need anything further, let me know, as I remember changing my pads fairly well, even if it was over a year ago :P

by the way, stick around in the forums, its a great place, and feel free to post pics of your car up :)

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Also be careful when you push the piston back in. its recommended that you clamp the appropriate brake hose, and open the bleed nipple, when pushing the piston back, so you dont damage the master cylinder seals. Never seen it happen myself, until last time I replaced the brake pads, thought I had done it, until it transpired one of the rear bleed nipples was faulty..... i would buy yourself a haynes manual, they are invaluble....... good luck.

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No Problem, its a nice easy thing to do (brakes) as for the service, with the oversight of your dad, hopefully you can manage the rest fairly easily!

Let us know how it goes!

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