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Tdci Woes


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Sad to say am still having running issues with my newly aquired Fiesta 1.6 95 hp.

Still hesitant at low revs, and massive lag .

Took it to my local independant mechanic who services my Volvo and the rest of my family's cars for a 2nd opinion.

He confirmed the hesitation, reluctance to speed up and what he thought was a distnict lack of poke compared to the Fiesta and Pug cars he services.

So with this info the car is back for the 3rd time to Ford garage, this time fingers crossed it will be sorted.

I know that iNATH has reported similar but has no one else experienced any poor running issues with this version of the 1.6 tdci.

My neighbor has just bought a shiny new 1.6 tdci zetec s and following a ride in, it realy shows mine up to be prety sick -just like me.

I hope it gets sorted as it is a great little car.


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I have some reluctance and the turbo lag is a bit beyond the joke sometimes but most of the time mine is perfect just spent a week rallying around Scotland no problems at all other than it scraping on the odd speed bump it might just be my driving style though as I drive it like I stole it

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I find the lag is terrible lol, especially for such a small turbo. If you hard launch the thing it's just sat there, just have to floor it and then disengage clutch if you want good results, but good still isn't always brilliant. After first gear though seems fine :P

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