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Oil Consumption?? Ford Are At It Again!!

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so i had my 2010 ford focus zetec S, sent in for its 2yr service about 2months ago... all seemed to go fine until today.

I happened to lift my bonnet to check the oil to find it was at the minimum mark... so i rang ford where i had the service done and asked if an engine oil top-up/renewal was included to which they replied 'yes and they would have definitely done it'.

So this guy 1st suggests i have an oil leak to which i reply no... as my car is parked in the garage for the majority of the week and i would see oil marks on the floor.

the guy then suggests iv have burned up a full tank of engine oil in 2months... when the last top up lasted me over a year with loads left still.

Now im no expert but im pretty sure you cant use a whole tank of engine oil when i have only driven 250miles max since service!!

so i said to him it seems as though they forgot to top it up as i cant find any other reason as to how the oil has disappeared.

And that in the future am i going to have to check the work done on my car to ensure it has been done...

So as you can imagine and im sure you all know what he said next.... yep you've guessed it lol i have to book it in with the service department for 60 odd quid for them to top it up and say there is nothing wrong with it!!!

What a joke, so just a warning to you all, check the oil before and after a service. As not only are they over priced but they don't actually do any work lol

Quickest way to throw away £195, book your car in for a service at dagenham motors, potters bar..

rant over :)

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Im going to check mine now mate, it was in for a service almost two months ago too

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Probably a good call to check after the service!!

I've just checked mine, service was 8 months ago (!!) and it's 3/4 full - thankfully!

But now i'll always check in the future - thnks!

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my dad services mine so no issues there. since i have had the car (Sep 2011) not once have i had to top the oil up.

I would also mark your oil filter, air filter, pollen filter with a dot of tippex just to make sure it has been changed and not just cleaned/blown with an air compressor.

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got to say the mackiln ford dealers i use ive never had those issues they even keep the old stuff to show me ie pollen filters and plugs oils always done and lovely and clean there are other dealers who dont do such a good job like evans halshaw ford in kirkcaldy they did the same thing oil not changed etc etc

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