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Gps, Mirrors And Plastic Tat


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Morning all.

Hoping you can help with a couple of queries:-

I have an 11 plate, Mk 7 or whatever it is - the plastic silver cover between the hazard warning and the aircon controls - is that anything useful? I’ve prodded, poked and hit it but it doesn’t open, lol. Is it a secret compartment or just a blanking plate/cover?

Secondly, I’ve been having a few calamities relating to a gadget with an external GPs receiver. I’ve got it working, hidden the cable and the GPS receiver module in the little passenger side a-pillar window. I've heard Ford usually mounts GPS modules inside the mirror casing which makes me wonder if I can do the same. Two things really: has anyone done this, know if it'll work or have any general advice. And if so has anyone got a snap or info on how to take the mirror cover/housing off?



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The plastic cover below the hazard lights button is just a blank over a compartment it doesn't open I have seen it where people have broken it open and fitted a hinge and latch to it to turn it into a useful compartment

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