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Smashed O/s Door Mirror & Housing


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Someone kindly took out my mirror today. Does anyone know if replacing it is an easy job? It is a 2004-2008 variant. Electric/Heated (Zetec Climate).

Thanks in advance

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Much to my dismay, I had the same kind act performed on my old Foci just before chopping him in, a neighbour kindliy twonked the nearside and smashed the whole thing.

take a look at the following: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/27246-changing-drivers-side-mirror/page__fromsearch__1 I posted it up there, and it should help.

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i have the same variant, i smashed my N/S on my fence when attempting to get on my drive...after some ignorant twonks decided to park partially blocking me in.

anyways the black housing the mirror sits in is around £75 from ford.

it is very easy to remove your mirror:

- remove the cover from tweeter (just pulls off)

- unclip tweeter speaker and housing...unplug connection.

- you will see another wire, unclip and disconnect that

- remove the 2 bolts and the mirror just comes away from the car.

all in all, a little common sense and it can be replaced in 15 mins.

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