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Rear Footwell Leaking?

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I've read quite a few times on this forum about people who've had a rear passenger foot well full of water! I had the same issue when I first brought my car, and the dealer wasn't too keep to help me!

Anyway, I've resolved the issue, and its no longer getting wet every time i go out in the rain!

I removed the rear seats, and lifted up the carpet and the soundproofing (I think its that..) and completely soaked the underneath of my car. After some time, water started to come through a TINY pin prick sized hole and once a tiny bit started to come through, it started to completely leak through like a tap left on!

I put some waterproof paste (I expect any waterproof kind of sealant would work though.) over the top of the hole as well as covered the underside of the car where the hole was, and voila! No more water in my car! ;)

Just thought i'd let some people know as it's a great community here :)

If i haven't described it very well, I'm sorry! But let me know, and I'll post a better guide with some pictures! (Obviously with the hole now sealed up..)


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