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Bobby Hack

Buying A Second Hand Diesel Car - Few Questions!

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Hi guys,

I'm currently looking at buying a used car. I've been looking for a while now and am now fairly set on a Fiesta Diesel. My budget is around £2500 and I've seen a few on AutoTrader at around this price. I did originally want a Citroen C2 VTR automatic but after hearing some very bad reviews I have changed my mind.

Now with regards to the Fiesta my main question is, is it worth buying a newer model that has higher mileage, or an older model which has less mileage? Theres an 06 reg one on there I have seen that has about 130,000 miles on the clock and an 03 reg one that only has about 80,000. I have never owned a diesel before and want one due to the low running costs as I do around 14,000 miles per year and the road tax is cheap.

So what do you guys think is best?

Many thanks!

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I have a 1.6 fiesta diesel it goes very well and is totally reliable. The later model will have the £30 per year tax but check. These cars are very good fuel wise ours does 57 average 64 on run ( at 60 to 70 ish) and pulls well no need to change gear very often. Make sure you have a good view of the potential purchase, hear it running, drive it no radio on, listen for funny noises, look under the bonnet, does it have a service history, is the oil clear, check oil filler cap should be clean no white stuff, tyres can be expensive if you need four. If you are not used to the fiesta check out a lower milage one (garage forecourt) listen to the engine..this will give you a insight as to how noisey they are (not the quietest but they sound good) If you are a bit 'green' ;) take a mate with you. go for it.

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Cant really help comparison wise - but i bought a 2003 Fiesta TDCI in February - i have put over 10,000 miles on it since then and it has been an absolute dream to run!! I bought it on 97,000 and now its near 108,000.

I would say that if you can find a diesel fiesta from 52 - 04 plate and less than 100,000 miles then it should set you in good stead.

From when i was looking, the prices seemed to stay over £2000 even if the mileage was well over 100,000. For a price between £2500-£2800 you should be able to find a decent second hand motor :-)

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