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Fusion 3 (Auto) Engine Warning Light On


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HI Guys,

Hoping someone out there could give me any clues to what could be our problem.

Yesterday I noticed that the rpm dial wasn't working, I was considering pulling in and restarting the engine when it started working. I thought, oh well... Then later that day it did it again, but this time I noticed that the car jerked when I put the car into drive (never noticed that before). Later when starting the car to come home the engine warning light came on. The car is running smoothly with the warning light on.

Other than having a service, is there anything else that could be done?



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Can only suggest that you hook it up to an OBD computer and get a read-out for the fault code - that'll point you to what's going wrong and give you a better idea for where to look next and how to mend it.

Halfords, etc, do them for quite a few quid, or you can buy an OBD computer relatively cheaply on eBay.

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