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Pollen Filter Housing


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I'm posting via my phone and my other thread is not showing up so my apologies.

Basically I changed my pollen filter and bought 2 new clips and seal and 2 seals later the housing/plastic filter cover will not stay down, this time the right hand side closet the passenger seat has pried up. Pushing it you can hear it the seal has come away from the windscreen, despite me cleaning both the window and plastic where the seal goes on with white spirit as advised by the tech at the main dealer who I asked when I bought it. The plastic doesnt look warped but may be a bit causing this, or the glue on the seal is not strong enough?

By now my neighbours must think I have a windscreen fetish.

what should I do?

remove it again and add some glue on top of the seals glue ? may need a new seal again ? what kind of glue could I use ?

or buy a new cover + seal and put that on.

Admit defeat and give it to the garage and pay silly amounts for what looked a simple task.

hmmm could the white spirit have upset the adhesion ?

bet the plastic cover is warped a bit.

if anyone could complicate a simple task its me :)

advice very much appreciated

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i used silcon on mine fine ever since

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my dealer actually recomends changing the cover after 5 years as they warp from the heat eventually a new cover and seal should sort the issue as long as you wiped the area with white spirit then dried it off it wouldnt have effected the adhesion it willbe warped youll get the revised cover if you buy a new one ask the ford dealer for a deal if you buy the parts will they fit it they can only say no

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i used silcon on mine fine ever since

Where about did you apply the silicone ?

I popped back in to ford and the tech said just on that part its pulling away its warped slightly. He pried the rubber lip up gently say the seal stuck to the plastic and the windscreen but the windscreen side of seal had ripped the sticky part alone causing it not to stay down.

He suggested as its one part to shoot some silicone down it and stick a brick wrapped up on it over night or get some gasket seal and do the same as there is enough room to do it withiut removing the whole thing.

A new panel alone is £68 I chocked. He said try what he saud if that fails then stick a new panel on.

oddly with all the rain it has still remained dry inside :)

He stuck some waterproof gaffer tape on it for me till its dry enough to do it. Sodding rain.

Also said when they change it they don't take the cover off for this reason they undo the 3 clips then slide their hands on to undo the pollen filter case clips replace, clip up, job done. This way involves not touching the seal or those clips.

his exact words at the end was its a !Removed! design.

So I guess I have a plan, when the weather dries up I'll have everything ready to attack it.

What a pain in the bum.

I doubt ill ever touch it again lol. Who needs clean air!

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Thanks kindly dezwez that's very helpful.

I'll keep my eye out for some sun and then get cracking.

shocking what they charge for this panel!

I thought Ford was cheaper lol .. coming from a mk4 golf which was cheap as chip tbh but I like/enjoy the focus more.

I'm sure the fix should do the job.

I'll post back how I get on.

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