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Potential Upgrades, Help?


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Hello All, Fairly new to this Forum.

I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4L 2005 Petrol.

It is fairly basic but much quicker than normal.

I am looking not to upgrade like a boy racer because I think it will look stupid and ruin the car.

Although I am looking at making some aesthetic and practical upgrades and need some help.

My Car Doesnt Have; Auto-Folding Wind mirrors; Auto Wipers; Auto Headlights.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if it is possible to get these installed (how easy to do) or help me get these either installed, or tell me who could do it, extremely cheaply.

Thank you Very much in advance!


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The auto fold mirrors can be done some have the wiring already there so it's just a matter of changing the mirrors. It may need programming to do it but I'm not sure on that front

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Hard to say. On the latest variant a lot of the bits are in place on most cars but not on all of them, depends when it was made, earlier builds seem to have some parts missing. Also on the latest one it needs the computer being told it has the capability.

For a 2005 I guess it's the same, dependiong on the plant and line would depend what needs to be added.

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