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Petrol Display Question


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Hi there.

Just purchased my 03 Focus Ghia 2.0. Have had it since Saturday and bought it with a full tank of petrol.

Earlier today i noticed a beep when turning the key in the ignition and also the remaining petrol/miles amount was flashing.

It was showing 47 miles left so popped a tenners worth in but it doesn't appear to have changed.

Does anyone have any ideas - a) what the beep is? b)how long does it take for the display to change and show the actual amount of petrol in there


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nowadays a tenner doesn't get that much fuel, i've seen it a good few times that it barely registers when you put it in. Sometimes it readjusts after a while, others it doesn't.

Its been 8 months since i did anything less than fill it though and petrol has only gone up, so you'd get even less than i would have.

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