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Already There/retro?

Luke Fletcher

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i just wanted to know if there is the wiring for footwell lights already in my fiesta style +, or do i have to retro fit them?

if this helps it does have all the odd cons such as bluetooth, voice, USB, AUX, 4 Speakers and so forth but not sure if it would have the wiring already?

thanks for your help


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would these holes be right in front of my eyes when i look?

i just looked and there is nothing there.

what wire would i have to link it up to if i were to retro fit them. would you happen to have any photos?


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Passenger side: behind the right hand hinge for glovebox


Drivers side: halfway between brake & clutch, straight up


Here are some pics of what they look like (gratuitously stolen from iNath!)

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your a star mate. i have the holes but no socket for light bulbs. damm! though my life would be easy.

i think i will fit these when my warrenty is up becuase knowing my luck i will do something which will void it.

unless you know a way of fitting them which requires not mich cutting and snipping of wires?


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