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Remove Aftermarket Fascia From Fiesta St


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In my prior car it was as simple as pulling out the stereo, removing the stereo cage and there were a few holding clips that held the fascia in.

Once the head unit is out it will be a lot simpler to take out.

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The radio will need to be removed first two fixings which will need a key to remove

Nah, and old set of feeler gauges do the trick, you normally find the locking bracket at the left and rignt at the top and bottom to on the priture probably about where the buttons are at the side of the CD slot and about the level of the Aux in socket.

Slide the Feeler gauges in to the left of the stereo between the stereo and the facia (between the stereo body and the mounting cage if you can see it), wiggle them around and you'll feel the locking pins release and you can slide the stereo forward, usually easier to do one side and get it at a slight angle then the other.

Look at http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=250547340992 Thats probalby a similar JVC eBay item that should give you an idea where to prod to get the cage to detatch, in that case you need to press the tabs in at the moddle to release the latches that hold the head unit in.

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