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Retro Fitting A Turbo Charger


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I've got a 2007 Facelift and I really like the car but it's just a bit... "eh".

As I like the car I was wondering about getting a turbo charger fitted to it's 1.4 Petrol engine just to give it that more of a kick. I'm not one to go flying down the road at 100mph but I would like some more acceleration, especially not from standstill (0-60 I got 13 seconds which is fine for me tbth)

Has anyone ever done this? I would assume it's like turning my car into an ST version of my car, so it should not be hard/expensive to do as the engine would be "prepared" for it as such.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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You've assumed wrongly with the cost. You'll need (you'll need more bits, but here's some main bits);

ECU Remap (£400ish?)

Turbocharger (£1k+ unless you get a scrappers one)

Front Mount Intercooler (£300+)

Turbo-back Exhaust (£400+)

Performance Cat (£300+)

Piping (£250+)

Slimline Fans (£50 - 250+ depending on where you get them, can sometimes salvage off other cars)

Boost Controller

oil Feeds

Dump Valve (recirculating, you're not a chav :P)


The list goes on... Needless to say you're going to be paying out £2.5k for a good installation. I mean you can get cheaper than all that or you could go for something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-BMW-E30-325-323-6CYL-M3-T3-T4-Turbo-Charger-Kit-81-94-/200664805086?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2eb88deede#ht_1742wt_1163 just the quality worrys me, loose a turbine and get it sucked into the engine and bye bye car.

My recommendation; Remap, cat-back exhaust, performance cat, upgraded piping for induction (Do NOT use pod filters, cold air intakes or replacement panels, they're #@*&! - they're rather poo, do nothing for performance (except loose some) and can knacker up your intake/engine/day/week/month/year), upgraded throttle body maybe, good service, bit of fuel additive and off you pop. Should see about what, 25bhp perhaps? Should give it some poke.

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It would be a lot cheaper to sell your car and buy an ST you'd have to spend a lot of time and money to get your engine anywhere near the performance of a standard ST

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wow, and there was me thinking I would get it done for £500 or so - as you can tell I've no idea (hence the post)

Thanks for your replies though, it's interesting esp as I thought it was as simple as bolting something onto the fuel injectors lol

And yes, it sounds like it would be a lot more economical to get an ST, or just wait till I get a family and get a focus ST or something similar.

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£250 for a Superchips remap would get you a nice gain, can get an exhaust system for around the £500 from Pumaspeed, good service would cost you £30 - 150 depending on if you do it yourself; probably the best 3 options there.

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