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In case anyone was looking for new tyres online soon I have been reliably informed that this company will beat any blackcircles quote.


They apparently aren't as wide spread as blackcircles but well worth checking out.

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Much better experience at Blackcircles.com though...........well worth checking them out first!! :)

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Just ordered two tyres from them for fitment on Saturday 2x Avon ZV5 91V, with wheel alignment. Total bill comes to:

Tyres x 2 = 134.50

Alignment = 29.00

VAT = 27.25

Total = 163.50

Not too bad IMHO, seemingly cheaper than blackcircles, but not by a great amount!

So I shall let you know of the overall result after the weekend!

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OK, so following on from the above purchase, I thought I would provide a bit of feedback. Mostly positive!

Ordering was straightforward, click on the website, enter your number plate, and find your tyres. The order process was simple, and paying was easy enough, first payment failed (website error) but second went straight through.

Because my front left was 1mm down on tread comparing to the right, I opted for the alignment @ £29.00, as well as the tyres.

Called up the nationwide tyre centre on Saturday, and they said "yep, bring it down", but when I got there, there was only two of them, and one at minimum had gone home. Was looking at an hours wait so wandered off, and came back within 15 minutes. They started and replaced the tyres easy enough, they also replaced FOC the rear nearside valve which had a hairline split right down the length of it (I have had a very slow deflating tyre for some months now!)

Got to the end, and promptly reminded them that I had ordered the alignment (they didnt have the computer up to check and put my paper down somewhere).

They did the aligment and identified it was 2mm out, but never confirmed or denied that they had resolved it, but he did say "its nothing great to worry about". Still trying to follow that one up! so I emailed my review / survey to tyreshopper about this, and said that if I didnt have the tyres alligned by them I should get my money back.

This isnt the fault of tyre shopper, it is more a problem with the garage, so I will follow it up independantly with the garage.

So Overall, a good experience, maybe let down by the fitting centre, but they were on their own, understaffed, and overworked, I can appreciate that, so wont hold it against them!

Have to say, I would give them a try again!

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