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Water Leak, passenger footwell (56)Focus

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Hi, first post on here.....

I have had a 56 plate Focus Zetec 1.8tdci for a couple of months. Last month, when I cleaned the interior, I noticed that just in front of the Passenger seat, toward the door, not the gearlever, was saturated with water. Sponged it up, thought I had spilt something. Couple of days later, there was another very wet patch, same place, but smaller. The water does not smell, so I am pretty sure its not a heater leak. Took it back to the dealer, they had it for an hour, saying they would check a couple of things they thought it might me ( didnt tell me what they thought it might be). They said they could not find anything, and would need it for a week for more checks. Anyhow, I know on the Mk1s the pollen filter housing could cause this, but is this true for the mk2?? The carpet is now dry, but the underfelt is still staurated, you can hear it squelch when you press it. Had a look around, but cant find anything obvious wrong. Does anyone have any ideas if this is a common fault on the Mk2s and what it maybe. If its a simple issue, I would fix myself, without the dealer needing it for a week.

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the pollen filter housing water leak is a problem on many different ford models so this would be the first place to check.

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Thanks. After googling around a fair bit, isnt the pollen filter accessed via the inside of the car on MK2s??? but is it the same scuttle plate design???. Not alot around on the MK2 problems, and no haynes manual as yet


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It is a vary common problem for the mk1 but the pollen filter is in behind the centre console on the mk2's, so it cant be that.

Try opening the drain holes on the door. They can sometimes get clogged up causing the door to hold water, which could then slowly leak out when your door is shut.

The drain holes are right at the bottom of the door on the inside. Bout a centimeter wide. Just get a screwdriver to open them up abit. Think there's two or three of them.

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I have got the same problem as Chris with my 02 Focus Ghia. Bought the car 2nd hand in January and have taken it back to the garage (not a Ford dealer!!) as it is under warrenty and they said it was the seals on a screen were proud and letting in water. Anyway, I had the car back for a week and its been fine until today. I put my jacket on the floor whilst I was driving, then when I picked it up, I found it was soaked! Not good lol.

It rained a lot last night, so Im not sure if it is what they said or whether it is to do with the pollen filter as you guys have mentioned. Any ideas?



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