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Fit Folding Wing Mirrors?


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Hi all!

Guessing the answer may be no but just wondering, how possible would it be to retro fit the folding wing mirrors? Would it be a case of buying 2 new wing mirrors from fords with the motor and then somehow getting it reprogrammed to fold them when it locked or would it be much more complex?



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I don't think Ford made powerfold mirrors for the mk 5 / mk 6 fiesta. They do make them for the mk 7 though.

For the Focus owners there is an aftermarket set to fit the Mk 2 or 2.5 (facelift)



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Sorry it is the focus I have , mk3. Need to update my profile!

I guess I would also need a new control for the mirrors so I can fold them from their adjusted top?

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my mates got them and they arent worth it on the focus they sound like they are going to break most of the time and make a horrid noise especially in winter dont know if the mk3 is any better but the 2 and 2.5 arent that great

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