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Interier Panel


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hi, i was talkin to somebody on here about painting the interier panel, does anyone no how to remove just the center bit that goes all the way up the middle of my mk 6? (around the stereo)

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Hi mate, to remove it is a pain in the backside. First you need to unscrew the panel under the steering wheel,cant remember how many there is. Once that is off, there should be two screws running down the the edge of the dash, take there out. Next if you put your hand down to the bottom of the dash where it meets the centre console you will find another two screws, remove them. Open the glove box next. On the right hand side you will notice two more screws like on the drivers side,take them out and your almost there. Mine is the preface lift model so this part may be different, I'm not sure. Remove the buttons for the heated rear window, the is more screws under it, take them out and the panel should just lift off now. Be careful though as your heater controls are screwed to the inside of this panel.

Hope this helps you.


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