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2007 Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S Tdci Water Leak


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hi all, new to the site. my girlfriend has just bought her first car, a fiesta 1.6 zetec s tdci. my first car was an 87 xr2 a long long time ago. (everyones first car should be a fiesta). anyway, there is a small water leak coming from the back of the engine, its not a lot but it must be constantly dripping. it looks like its coming from the right side of the engine bay at the back. any advice on what this could be? also when turning off the engine there is a whirring noise that lasts for about 5 seconds, could this be the fan?

the water is emptying out of the header tank but is only about 100ml every couple of days and doesnt seem to get any worse or better when running.someone thought it could be the aircon but I dont know. help? please.

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You sure it's definitely not the condensation from using the air con ? Can you see it leaking down the engine or are you seeing it just on the road / driveway, always from the same spot on the engine ?

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