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Ford Assist

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Just had my car serviced at my local Ford dealer, and as part of the deal I get something called Ford Assist for free.

This is a breakdown & recovery service similar to the AA or RAC.

Has anybody used Ford Assist, an how were they? I'm already with the AA and could in theory cancel that and save some money, but I don't want to end up with an inferior service.

Here's what they said I get:

* Breakdown cover, including European (I don't have Europe with AA but I don't really need it)

* Onward journey cover, so they take me to my destination, to a garage, or home (same as AA)

* Home start (which I currently don't get from AA because I don't pay the extra)

* The car is covered, no matter who drives - but I don't get cover if I'm in another car (the AA do the opposite - they cover ME no matter what car I'm in, but if my partner is driving my Focus an breaks down then they won't come out to her)

I'm already with the AA, so I'm wondering if I should cancel that and just stick with the Ford Assist?

Has anybody ever had to use Ford Assist, and what were they like?

The guy also said that if I break down it'll be the AA who come out anyway! Can anyone confirm this?

Not that I ever expect my Focus to fail on me, of course!

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This does sound like what I get with admiral, think it's called call assist. Everything you listed is what I get, but I'm not sure about the other person driving it bit. Never had to use it as of yet but the way my car's going I may need to..

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Ford Assist is basically the full AA cover. It is the AA who provides it. It is worth doing as in the second year they will offer you the full £200 package for about £50.

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