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Mk7 Cigarrette Lighter/accessory Fuse


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My cigarette lighter fuse broke whilst I was away camping and relying on it to charge all my gadgets. I hadn't got my handbook with me but an internet search showed that this should have been a spade type fuse in position 22 in the box behind the glove compartment. In actual fact there was no fuse their. I spent ages looking for the fuse and didn't realise until i got home that it was a square fuse in position 30 which I had thought was a relay. Now I am home I can see that my handbook shows it should be in position 22 and shows position 30 as unused. These fuses are called j case fuses and even if I had known which replacement fuse I needed they are not easily available and they are relatively expensive. In the end I ordered two (20A fuses) for about £6.50 off eBay. These fuses come in two sizes full size and mini. I bought the mini ones as I think the glove compartment would foul the full size ones when closed.

Hopefully if somebody else has this problem this post will turn up with an internet search and somebody will find it helpful.

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The Haynes manual also shows the 20A cigar lighter fuse at glove box fusebox position 22. I just checked mine and exactly the same as yours. 22 (and several others shown as used) are unused and 30 is fitted with a 20A jcase fuse. 31 which should be spare (rear electric windows) is also fitted with a 30A jcase fuse.

It looks like they have made some fairly extensvie wiring changes since the Haynes manual was produced.

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Yes I have a jcase fuse fitted for the rear electric windows as well although I don't have them. I think they changed the cigarette lighter fuse because the jcase ones are slower to blow so wont blow so often. I have seen people complaining that their fuse blew to often. That would be fine if they weren't so expensive and hard to get hold of. Personally I would rather have the old set up and then just carry a couple of spares. The other thing is if they are going to assemble the car different to what is shown in the handbook they should issue an amendment sheet with it.

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