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Squeek When Turning Engine Off?


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Hey. I have a 2000 focus 1.8 diesel. When turning off the engine theres a squuek (literally as i turn it off). Ive had the cam balt done yesterday and the belt today (needed doing anyway) but it still does it... Any ideas what else it could be?

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To help us diagnose things, try this:

* Turn on the ignition to position 2 (so that elec windows work), but DO NOT start the engine.

* Wait a few seconds.

* Turn off the ignition.

Does it make the sound?

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It only does it when the engine has been running. I turn the key to turn the enging off, enging stops and a squeek. Not everytime but maybe 8/10... Seems to do it more when egine is warmer. And yess the tensioner was done same time as cam belt

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