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Black Box Scam


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as you may or may not be aware at the end of the year women will not get discounted insurance so you females expect up to a 400 quid increase on what you pay now on a.standard car the more you mod the more you pay as a result insurance companies are offering a black box to be fitted to youre car to get cheaper insurance. the scam is these boxes monitor youre location route speed when and how often you brake even ho0w you corner so if you do have an accident they wont pay out why? simple the black box tells them you took the corner to fast you applied the brakes half a.second slower than expected you drive aggressively you accelerate too hard basically they have physical data to say you shouldnt have been doing 35 in a 30 that you corner a bit faster than you should, this data is stored daily so they can tell what kind of a driver you are not just aggrrssive or a bit quick even if youre over cautous and use youre brakes a bit too much if you get hit in the rear the data will show you brake too often and too early it was youre fault beware all those that are tempted and remember if you do go ahead it will cost you 100quid to have the box removed if you move to a cheaper company.

who would have it then youde be surprised 80% of americans have it fitted and with young people gettint ripped off its growing here forget big brother watching you hes sitting in the car with you

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