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Water Ingress Focus 2008


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thank you i will carry out your surgestions.

i had suspected the hinge on the n/s because when i applied water around it water driped in onto the right area. perhaps a belt and braces job

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the rear hinges also can leak if you open the boot and look at the hinges you will see they are sealed bottom and sides but not at the top i would recommend seasling these as well its awkward to get into but i used tiger seal to make sure they were sealed then when dry i painted it with a touch up kit so it looks like it was done by ford also the rear light screws can leak remove the 2 screws and pop the light up you will see 2 plastic dowels the screw goes into with a foam seal seal around the edges so the foam is completely covered then refit the lights with all this done there isnt anything else that can leak

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