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Hi Everyone, Just bought a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec, 2010, it came with 2 keys, the remote type with the key that flips out, It also has a tag on it with the key number on it. With my old mondeo, I had 2 keys, so bought and programed a spare, in case I lost one. So whats the cheapest way to get a spare key for the Focus, just to get a normal key cut and program it myself like I did with the mondeo? This key number, that would only be for a new key to fit the locks/ignition, it would still need programing wouldn't It? Can someone jog my memory how to program it, ignition on/off 4 times, then 2nd key in, on/off, then new key in, on/off, job done? Thanks for any replies.

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I made a couple of Jaguar flip keys for my old Mk2 Mondeo and used the on / off technique to program them, even though the key cutter was adamant they wouldn't work.

I believe on the Mk2.5 though you need to access the GEM to be able to program and add new keys. I really want a flip key with mine and am currently pricing up how much it's looking at being to get one added.

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