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Cost Of Tyres At A Dealer?


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My car's having its second service mid-september and the two front tyres are almost at the limits (done just uner 15k, does this seem normal?). Does anyone know how much a Ford dealer is likely to charge for doing them? I'm guessing a lot more than proper tyre places but assuming it isn't I may get them to do it just for the convenience. I've had a reminder card from them offering 4 tyres for the price of 3 along with the tagline "Please ask about our great prices on individual tyres" which implies they're cheap but it might seem a bit awkward asking them then refusing it!

Also, is it worth getting the brake fluid changed? They seem no different to when the car was new but I'm guessing they're going to offer it when I drop the car in.

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It doesn't hurt to ask. Once you've got a price from them ring round local tyre places (make sure you know what brand the dealer is offering so a] you can compare like-for-like and b] you know you're not getting LingLong DitchFinders) Also try online places such as blackcircles, etyre and camskill.

If your dealer isn't competitive ask them, "is that the best price you can do? X has quoted me £xx.xx" The worst thing that can happen is they say no and you go elsewhere.

The service schedule recommends changing brake fluid at 2 years so yes I'd say get it done.

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It's worth asking them for a price including fitting then have a look on the internet for the same tyres. I replaced the original Bridgestone tyres on mine with the same tyres & got them much cheaper than Ford from tyreshopper.co.uk with fitting at a local National Tyre centre. I asked my ford dealer if they could match their price, but they couldn't so I just said no thanks.

Brake fluid change is normal for 2nd service although they do charge for it.

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I always buy tyres online at link below.

Prices and choice are excellent and include fitting at a local tyre centre at a time of your choosing, nothing else to pay.

Highly recommended!


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