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Chrome Tailgate Piece


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I have a Mk7 zetec, which includes lots of chrome pieces all over it. Which do look good, however, almost all zetec's have them, and so there not very unique. So i was reading up (and watching up :unsure: ) on plastidip and i think its fairly good stuff, if its done right, so i think i'm going to cover all the chrome bits black (matt/gloss) havent decided just yet.

But i was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the chrome tailgate piece? above the number plate, but below the ford badge?

Also, is plastidip okay to coat individual parts?

Will i need to coat the whole part, or can i just coat the bit that you can see?

Any help appreciated, Cheers, Olly. :)

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From what i was reading on here and judging by the response i got when i asked the question plasti dip can be used on almost any panel. In regards to individual parts people on you tube just seem to mask areas off and spray from there.

Hope this helps matey

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Plastidip is as the name implies a dipping procedure.

The film is suspended on a water tank and the item to dip is pushed onto the surface and rolled to coat it just like water transfers.

Only the surfaces making contact with the film will be coated and maybe a little overlap at the edges.

I believe then the item is sprayed with a lacquer to seal.

Have a look here for info purposes.


A few here have removed their boot trim so will be able to advise on that.

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Stoney, Yeh, I've seen it done with guitars! But I am talking about the spray-on stuff? (Sorry, should've said that!) Do you know anything about it? I don't know if Carl was talking about the spray-on or the water tank method!

And thanks, hopefully someone will help with that! :)

Cheers, Olly.

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i only have a zetec s so no chrome trim. but if you need to remove the whole trim piece from car you need to:

1. open boot and remove the 3 star screws holding the boot trims on.

2. remover side trim peices then prise the big centre piece off ( take your time as catches can be stiff)

3. remove the 6x 10mm nuts (2 on left, 1 in middle, 3 on right) disconnect block connector

4.close boot and remover trim piece( pull downwards slightly and outwards.

job done :)

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I have had a look at plasti dipping on YouTube and seems a very good and amazingly removable way to change the colours of things like your trim. They even do a gloss coating to make it look like paint :)

Yeah the name is a bit deceiving as it is a spray on liquid that drys as plastic. Nothing like hydro dipping and way cheaper too. £10 a can!!

It seems almost like a spray on vinyl wrap, that takes less time and gives better results. And if you don't like, just peel off!! :)

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Yeh, I think I'm going to give it a go sometime soon! :) I have the chrome piece running up the sides too, (bottom of windows) which should be easy enough as long as I mask off the area! And I think if I remove the door mirror it will easier? What you guys think?

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