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Clicking Heater Control Valve


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I have recently bought a Fiesta Mk 4 and have not got a manual for it. A new heater control valve was fitted shortly before I bought the vehicle month or so ago and there is a click that comes from the heater control valve every few seconds. I have not has this with any other vehicle as I am wondering is this normal? I cannot think what could be causing the valve to be intermittently energized if that is what I can hear.

Your help is appreciated.


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To control the heat in the car the valve opens and closes. A solenoid controls this and does click as its activated. Mind you, in this weather I would have thought it was set to cold and shouldn't be opening and closing like it would with the temp set half way.

The main thing is if its working, dont worry about it. If it eventually fails, change it, they're fairly cheap anyway and it shouldnt do any damage.

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