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Easiest Way To Access Back Of Grille And/or Secure Front Number Plate On Mk7?


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Just bought some Richbrook anti-theft number plate screws for my mk7 fiesta to replace the plain steel screws fitted by the garage.

Only problem is, while they fit fine at the back, I can't tighten them up at the front as there is nothing behind the front grille so it just spins.

Any idea whats the best way to secure them, or get to the back of the grille so I can put something like a wall plug there?

Any ideas and help will be greatly appreciated.


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Managed to do it, thanks for the help guys.

For anyone in future, who has front parking sensors, you do need to be careful as there are wires attached to the back of the grille.

What I did, is follow the vid until the grille was loose, but NOT remove it. Then there are some white clips at the far ends of the grille, which are holding the sensor cable in place. Pop those two off, and I was able to get to the back of the number plate screws.

If you want to remove the grill completely you will need to then cut the black cable ties which are on the back of the grill, and then disconnect the wiring to the sensors, before you try and pull the grille all the way out.

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