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Old Or New Focus St?

James Rosier

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I'd go for a mk 2.5; the front of the mk 3 looks terrible which is a shame, because the ZS mk3 is a really good looking car.

Oh, the ZS may be worth looking at, 1.6 ecoboost shifts the thing in around 7 seconds to 60 so can keep with most hatches if you really wanted a mk 3.

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I'm going to get a mk3 focus ST for my next car. In about a year and a half :P

same here, the new focus st looks like a beast! I'm just interested to see what the fiesta st will be like before i commit

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I finally saw a mk3 ST on the road last night and it looked excellent. It was an ST3 in black with ST style pack (grey wheels, red brake calipers). I had a remapped mk2 ST and loved it but i would definitely go for the new model now. The old one sounded better with the I5 engine but the better fuel economy, lower tax and newer tech of the mk3 make it a no brainer. Only thing I'm not keen on is the design of the seats.

Having said that, if you want a car to modify the older model would be your best bet. There are lots of tuning options out there to get over 300bhp. I wouldn't fancy modifying a new car until its been in production for a year or 2 so that all manufacturing issues have been ironed out. It would be all too easy for a manufacturing fault which would usually be covered under warrenty to be blamed on mods.

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